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Концевой выключатель EA150-30014

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Концевой выключатель (LIMIT SWITCH) EA150-30014 


EA150 Series Information:

- Super Sensitive
- Oscillating or Rotary
- Clockwise or Counterclockwise
- Steel Rod

Designed for sensing small, lightweight objects. Rotary units are gravity return and have 360 degree total travel either clockwise or counterclockwise. Trip torques range from 1.5 to 7 inch?ounces. Oscillating units are spring return versions with 15 inch?ounce trip torque. Outputs include SPDT (1 NO and 1 NC) and DPDT (2 NO and 2 NC). Output indicator lights are optional. Ideal for fill detection on vibratory feeder bowls, small parts sensing or counting, gauging devices, time delay mechanisms, safety interlock switch applications, liquid level control and governors.